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Amber Evans was known by many through her work with People's Justice Project and role as Executive Director of Juvenile Justice Coalition in Columbus Ohio, She was known as a friend, big sister, niece, aunt, granddaughter, and loved by everyone who knew her but to me she was and always will be my baby girl. On January 28th 2019 the fear of every parent became my reality... she went missing.


She was later found on March 23rd in the Scioto River in Columbus Ohio. Her death was ruled a suicide which left many of us with the never ending question why. I know that we are not the only family to have lost a loved one so unexpected and tragically. I don't believe that we ever heal from the death of a child but we learn how to live with and hide the pain for longer periods as time goes by. In the attempt to find healing and some form of peace in her untimely and tragic death I began writing music. It wasn't until I wrote this song called Why that I decided to involve my son Brian Jr in this process. I knew that he was hurting from the loss of his big sister but doing his best to be strong for me. So we rewrote and recorded this song together to help process our grief and began to search for some form of healing. Not certain if we was even going to share whatever song we came up with it was truly just a song we wrote for us.

We have now come to realize how much we received from writing, recording and listing to this song. So we decided to share it with the world hoping that it may help anyone who needs to hear it for whatever loss and pain they may be dealing with. We have absolutely no desire to make even a penny off of the death of my daughter so on her birthday every year I will be donating all of the proceeds from this song to a youth suicide prevention organization in her name to honor her death in the way she lived her life... loving and fighting for anyone who needed a voice but there was no one more important to her than kids.

I very rarely ask for anything but I am asking now for your support of this song. You can help by simply downloading and listen to this song in your favorite music app and sharing it with any and everyone you may think will enjoy or need to hear it. Please feel free to click on the donation link below and donate any additional amount that you wish to give in her name to honor her. The last few years have been tough on everyone so please don't give what you don't have. There is nothing but thoughts love and prayer needed.

God Bless and Good Blues to You!

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