Why the name?

In 1959 the top of the line Buick was the new Electra. Borrowing from the styling’s of the Cadillac and the Oldsmobile, with chromed grill and fins, this car measured in at 225 inches or a “deuce 'n a quarter”.

With its power and smooth ride the deuce 'n a quarter quickly became an American classic. Although it was built for comfort not speed, when you dressed one up it became an affordable luxury automobile for the working man "the poor man's Cadallic"!

Just like the automobile, the band Deuce 'n a Quarter is built for comfort not speed. But make no mistake, when they perform their original music paired with classic American blues, they are bound to get you moving. Through an authentic connection with their audience and listeners, this band is becoming another American classic. The name alone will take you to a good place.

So take a listen or book them for a show... and let's ride!


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