The band is fresh, new, and different on the disc, without losing the blues feel.”

— Karen Nugent - Blues Music Magazine October issue 2018

Deuce ‘n a Quarter is a great band that performs with soul and conviction, and it’s a pleasure to watch them having so much fun on the stage and connecting with the crowd! ”

— Charlie Jackson - Natalie's

A crowd-pleasing show from a terrific band who are professional and easy to work with. Thanks for performing at Music on the Lawn!”

— Grandview Heights Public Library

Blues again draws large crowd - Ohio’s Deuce ’n a Quarter, led by front man Brian Peters, brought their rich sound to the Blues by the Bay stage Saturday. ”

John Morris - Iosco County News-Herald

Like a well-oiled General Motors vehicle, the CD goes from zero to 60 right out of the gate....”

— Karen Nugent - Blues Blast Magazine July 2016

Deuce ‘n a Quarter is not only a great band to witness live but they are easy guys to work with on a festival level. They are openly grateful for the opportunity to play, thankful for any support and hospitality and they work hard to publicize every event they play via social media. Jeffrey Allens gritty guitar work and Brian Peter’s heartfelt vocals and harmonica solos make this band more than just another bar band. Radio ready originals and classic covers bring together a sound for blues and blues rock fans. Don’t hesitate to book these guys for your next festival, club, or corporate event. ”

— Bob Thomas, Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival

A hot Columbus blues band fronted by the strong voice and wailing harp of Brian Peters. ”

Raul Watson - Blues-E-News

Rich, smooth, and clean. No one feature overwhelms another. Plenty of power lurks beneath the hood, reserved for right moments. ”

Daniel Killinger

Brian Peters blows the helloutta that harp!”


Band Bio

As the name suggests, Deuce 'n a Quarter is a hard driving blues machine that demands you ride and listen in style. The band's forte is its orginal music, where you'll hear the influence and respect paid to many blues legends. The group's collaborative approach to music, influenced by a diversity of musical styles, transformed into an original hybrid of modern American blues. With an upbeat style they keep you grooving to a familiar sound of classic and original music. Through their performance and songs there's an authentic connection formed with the audience to create a musical experience that continues on well after the music stops. So if it's a hard driving band that can deliver a high energy show that you're looking for… take the journey, ride and listen in style with Deuce ‘n a Quarter!



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