Rear View Mirror (Release Date May 27th, 2018)

Deuce 'n a Quarter

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The 9 original tracks on this CD written by Brian Peters & Jeffery Allen came to life when the rest of the band put their feel to them, not to mention the guest musicians who performed on a few tracks as well. They also put a Deuce ‘n a Quarter blues spin on the Garth Brooks country classic ‘Thunder Rolls”. The lyrics for the title track, “Rear View Mirror” was from a song by Derrick Procell and legendary writer Terry Abrahamson.” Terry won a Grammy for his writing on Muddy Waters album “Hard Again” and is best known for his book “In the Belly of the Blues” as well as his many award winning collaborations like “Heaven Mississippi” by Bob Margolin. When Terry first heard Deuce ‘n a Quarter he knew that his lyrics from “Rearview Mirror” would be a perfect match for the hard charging 5 piece.

But make no mistake; this CD is much more than just a one-song collaboration. Each track heads straight toward the next as the journey continues with a tribute to BB King in “One Note”. The heartfelt vocals of each track will get you excited, just like that new car smell! And you might want to buckle up for the guitar and harmonica driven sound of “Mississippi Phantom. Then hold on for what’s around the corner as they blow the doors off with “Going Down”.

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